PowerTech 2000W Vibration Machine

Vibration Machine Functions:
- Activates entire body, relieving tiredness quickly
- Excellent for shaping the body as it melts away body fat
- Helps you unwind and relax, even soothing insomnia
- Stimulates alvine, enhances digestion
- Increases blood flow which is great for your general health
- Activates joints, soothes arthritis

Unique dual handlebar design: The dual handlebars on this machine have many uses and advantages over single bars, opening up a new dimension of possibilities. Naturally they ensure that you have plenty of support at all times and in all positions. They put the body fat sensors in the most convenient of places, right were your hands rest/grip naturally. They also allow a variety of floor exercises such as press ups and sit ups; great for even further upper, middle and lower body toning.

- Extra powerful 2000W peak output
- Ergonomic construction
- Very large console with 3 LED displays showing time, speed and body fat value
- Excellent and extremely useful twin handlebar design
- Built-in workout programs and body fat scan
- Speed range allows for many different workouts
- High quality motor delivers a smooth workout
- Powerful enough to for users up to 120kg in weight
- Overload current protection, anti-jamming, and anti-static
- Sturdy steel, plastic and foam construction
- Foot design which allows ventilation, so machine can be used not only on hard floors but on carpet too

- Maximum Power: 2HP
- Power consumption: 1500W/2000W Peak
- Speed range: 70 levels
- Amplitude: 0 - 10mm
- Frequency: 50-60HZ/s
- Max user weight: 120kg


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